Think hiring a PR person who knows reporters will solve visibility problem? Think Again

The entertainment editor where I worked moved to another state and took a public relations position with a charity that helps children — and adults — who have facial deformities such as cleft lips and palates by connecting them with medical doctors who perform reconstructive surgery.

She was back in town briefly and stopped by the newsroom to say hello. I was a features and entertainment writer at the time. My editor and I were catching up with our former colleague.

She interrupted briefly: “Oh, a young girl is having reconstructive surgery at the local hospital and I said I’d pass it along because they think it’s a story. When I get back I want to be able to honestly say I told you about it so – I told you.”

I looked at my editor at the time, she nodded knowingly and we moved on to more newsworthy subjects…like the weather.

My point: what’s going on within your organization isn’t news to the outside world. And it doesn’t matter how well you know the reporters in the newsroom. If it’s isn’t a news story, they won’t print it. And if your public relations person is telling you otherwise, you should find another public relations person.

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