Getting married after 50 and fashion

Several times I’ve looked at wedding dresses through a dreamy portal on Facebook called Studio White. The dresses they feature on Facebook and on their website are, in the words of Kim Kardashian, “gorge.”

Unfortunately they’re in Australia, which is a long way to go to try on a dress, and they  feature brides who just fell off the turnip truck. Seriously.

They are slender, nubile, blonde or mysteriously dark or pale with mousy brown hair.  They are so young the dress doesn’t matter. They look…gorge.  There is only one type of bride that isn’t covered on the pages of their website and that is the 50-plus bride. No pun intended.

So I decided to look for fashion for brides who are more mature. This is the Internet, after all. Just Google it. So I did. I googled “getting married after 50 and fashion.”

The results:

  • One post about time of wedding — 9:50 a.m.
  • One post that was viewed 67 times. (That’s 50 plus); and
  • Why more women over 50 say they don’t want to get married …

Luckily that was followed by: Five Reasons to Get Married Over 50. Phew.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, the next thing I discovered was a typo in my Google search. I thought that might be the reason why the results were so anti-fashion.

So, I fixed the typo and clicked enter to search. (I really think part of Google’s appeal is its slot machine sensibility.)

That was it! The results were different. Except this time they were even further off the mark. The first three were:

  • More couples over 50 are shacking up without getting hitched.
  • How to date when you’re over 50 and never married.
  • Marriage and money advice: what you need to know if you’re over 50.


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