Going off the grid with cable

A Thursday article in the TU lead to a rash – 40 and counting – of Facebook comments from people who use or once used Time Warner (TW) for cable, Internet and phone and now feel like they’re being held hostage by their addiction to media.

Do we really need thirty million channels.

Do we really need thirty million channels?

Many were downright angry: “We have become addicted to the fast pace of internet. The need to feel ever changing and continuous information being thrown at us is overwhelming. Gone are the days of socializing on the front porch. Wish we could all say screw them all and dump them on the same day.” -TL

I’ve felt that way as well and am in the market for a new TV and some of the comments included interesting solutions for the high cost of Time Warner. (And I offer 21st century public relations services, which it sounds like TW needs. Call me, maybe.)

More importantly — the suggestions:

“I used to use TWC but now I live in a remote area and I’m happy with DISH network. I used to use DIRECT TV but DISH is more accommodating and better customer service. I use my phone for hot spot Internet connections now. It’s cheaper for me.”  – AR

“We went to just basic cable and Internet. It cut our bill in half. Now we pay less than $70/mo. We are thinking of getting rid of cable completely and just getting an Internet TV box instead.” – JD

“We upgraded to a smart tv and stream everything from Netflix, Hulu, etc. Love that you can watch anything you want with no commercials! And it is cheap cheap cheap!!” – BN

“I hate Time Warner more than anything. We are forced to use them for Internet bc FIOS is not available by us yet. We are with direct tv tho and love them. They are always accommodating and easy to talk to. When we had time Warner come “fix” our Internet they didn’t fix anything, and cut our wifi connections in half. They are the worst company ever. It’s not fair that they get away with what they do. Honestly who charges for a router?!?!” – MC

“FiOS is no better, trust me.” – VMA

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