What keeps us going back to “Seinfeld” again and again?

Sheila Carmody is in Internet Marketing

Sheila Carmody is in Internet Marketing

I worked as a journalist and an advocacy journalist for many years and never once wrote a news story based on a press release. They had no news value, no story value. Then I thought: what would happen if the public relations people actually sent me something I could use, a good story?

Twice I had the opportunity to find out. The first time was as the media relations director for a local college. My storytelling resulted in a 60 percent increase in student applications.

The second time was about three years ago.  I was working with consultants to establish public relations and marketing for a national STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) education organization.

The public relations consultant wrote traditional press release after traditional press release with no results. That’s when I began to develop the idea for a business called Guaranteed Press.

Eighteen months and $180,000 later the public relations consultant’s contract ended. The COO gave me the chance to lead the public relations charge. I took a storytelling approach.

Within three months I generated major stories in The Huffington Post and The Washington Post.

When that business moved to Indiana, I started Guaranteed Press.

Whether it’s the media, your customers, potential clients, your employees – everybody loves a good story.

We’ve all watched “Seinfeld.” It’s famous for being about nothing. But the reason people return week after week, year after year, decade after decade is they tell good stories. I can do the same for your business – guaranteed.

Call me (518) 366-6148 or email me at scarmody2009@gmail.

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