Six potential impacts of having your kids “opt out” of state tests

No. 1 – Lower home values. Schools with lower than 95 percent participation rate on the NYS state tests will be labeled in need of improvement and families looking for homes will avoid buying (or even looking) in your district. ( The 95 participation requirement was put in place some time ago because non-participation is an old trick used to make schools look like they’re doing a good job. If you find a way around the weakest kids taking the test you don’t look as bad. Whether you know it or not, when you were in school, some kids were not even given the opportunity to take Regents tests cause more failing kids made the school look bad.)

No. 2 – The majority of kids being opted out are higher performers so the test results will be artificially low which means the teacher evaluations will suffer. So it will hurt the chances of good teachers receiving good evaluations.

No. 3 – A lower than 95 percent participation rate makes for an administrative nightmare. More time will be spent next year on administrative/reporting tasks taking away time spent helping students. Efforts will be directed away from kids toward appeasing State Ed.

No. 4 – Title 1 funds may be at risk.

No. 5 – You will be teaching your children that it’s okay to use kids as political pawns.

No. 6 – Parents will have no idea what their kids learned this year and where they need more support. Educators have worked hard to teach the higher standards this year and parents who “opt out” won’t know how well their children are performing this year.

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